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Welcome to the City of Farmington Local Business Registry. In the registry you will find a list of the business that have registered with the City of Farmington. Use the category selectors to help you find the type business you are looking for. If your business is not listed, or there is an error with your information, please contact us.

  • Name: American Legion Auxiliary #140
  • Address: PO Box 17 Farmington, IL 61531
  • Phone: 309-245-4140

  • Name: American Legion Club
  • Address: PO Box 49 Farmington, IL 61531
  • Phone: 309-245-4140

  • Name: Masonic Lodge #192
  • Address: Box 85 Farmington, IL 61531
  • Phone: 309-245-4230

  • Name: Rotary Club of Farmington
  • Address: PO Box 38 Farmington, IL 61531

  • Name: Hog Trof  (Julie Heub)
  • Address: Box 205 Hanna City, IL 61536
  • Phone: 309-565-7285

We're sorry but there are no business of this type in our online database.

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